Retail is changing fast, plan to set the pace.

Your merchandise is money and you can’t afford to let it tie up your capital, cash and growth. Connect your inventory to supply, demand and financial planning processes to shorten the time between signal, opportunity and sale. Turn a profit faster with better planning, and turn inventory into your market advantage.

Seize changing demand opportunities

Demand signals have a shelf life, and how you act on them is the difference between winning or losing out on potential profit and financial opportunity. Turning signals into the right actions is all in how you plan.

Turn inventory faster

Turning inventory is about more than keeping it on the shelf. You need to convert it to cash and profit at pace with changing consumer demand.  Align planning to your finance goals for one cohesive merchandise strategy.

Gain cash and profit on capital

Idle inventory ties up cash and working capital. Connect capital and cashflow to inventory, allocation, assortment, sales and marketing efforts so you get visibility across your business to make smarter, faster decisions.

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Unify your strategic, financial and operational planning 

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Sales and Marketing

Align your revenue strategy with sales and marketing execution

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Supply Chain

Maximize visibility, reduce time-to-decision, adopt at speed

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Optimize your workforce readiness to drive better outcomes

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Del Monte

“With speed comes the ability to iterate over and over again. Where Anaplan has helped with these uncertainties and headwinds is being able to navigate all those potential scenarios at pace.”

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