Deliver better outcomes. Rethink how you plan, budget, and forecast.

Rapidly changing environments call for
flexible budgeting and planning

Budget constraints and increasing complexity pose challenges for state, local, and federal governments in enhancing operational performance and achieving desired outcomes. Anaplan is a transformative platform that improves planning, budgeting, and reporting processes, offering transparency to expedite decision-making with greater accuracy and efficiency.

  • Support increasing regulations and transparency demands
  • Automate workflows, analysis, scenario comparisons
  • Track all current and upcoming capital projects real time
  • Align project goals, plans, budget and spend to outcomes
  • Leverage advanced forecasting techniques to improve costs vs plan
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Tackling the unique pressures facing the
Government and Public Sector

Reporting on program outcomes and spend is crucial for ensuring transparency in government. Accurate budgets and spend plans directly lead to improved financial performance, which impacts bond ratings directly affecting the cost for agencies to borrow money (bonds). Anaplan enhances financial performance and management by providing cost transparency and clarity on program performance, outcomes, and efficacy.

Streamline grant management for both pre and post award

Easily track grants that are in any stage.  Report on awarded grants and predict any risks due to delays or cost variances. Track pre-award grants and leverage “what-if” analysis to ensure optimized resource capacities. Increase the number of grants your department pursues thus increasing your funding.

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Optimize resource allocation and expenditure alignment

Deliver insights across the program to measure outcomes by cost. Leverage forecasts to improve the budgeting process to help stakeholders understand how to optimally allocate resources and keep expenditures aligned with strategic plans and optimized outcomes.

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Plan the future workforce and skills

Align future hiring needs with goals and objectives. Ensure the right people with the right skills are hired at the right time, not too late. Optimize between contractors and full-time employees. With the aging workforce, succession planning, and talent management are a must, not a nice to have for governments to fulfill their missions.

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Maximizing efficiency and cost savings in contract strategy

Enrich your vendor and contract strategy approach with the use of enhanced analytics to help identify cost savings and compliance for key suppliers and equipment while streamlining the governance process.

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Optimize investments, manage debt and risk planning efficiency

Accurate cash flow forecasting helps governments ensure they have sufficient funds to meet their obligations. It assists in managing debt levels, informs when to borrow and the most opportune time for repayment.

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