Transform planning and budgeting within colleges, universities, and systems.

Highly decentralized environments call for
flexible budgeting and planning

Changes in funding and budget allocations, coupled with increased scrutiny on expenditure, pose unique challenges for colleges, schools, and facilities, emphasizing the need for more efficiencies. Anaplan is a transformative platform that centralizes planning, budgeting, and reporting processes, providing transparency to expedite decision-making with enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

  • Consolidate budgeting, planning, and decision-making across all departments
  • Plan tuition revenue and long range forecasts with greater accuracy
  • Connect grant proposal plans, fund raising, tuition and capital project plans
  • Refine, optimize and adapt plans in real-time with greater speed and accuracy
  • Integrate position budgeting at the annual budgets to see real-time impacts with COLA’s or merit increases
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Tackling the unique pressures facing colleges,
schools, and facilities

Reporting on program outcomes and spend (vs plan) is crucial for securing grants and increasing
research initiatives. Anaplan enhances both financial performance and controls by providing cost
transparency and clarity on program performance, outcomes, and efficacy.

Streamline cost center planning and budgeting

Supports analysis, planning, and forecasting across the unit or department to encourage efficiency, innovation and accountability while still having a comprehensive view under one roof.

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Connecting departments like HR, finance, athletics, facilities, research and more

Interfaces with various backend systems, including HR, Finance and student.

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Seamless data updates and workflow handoffs

Uses in-memory computing for constant updates when changes are made to data and when activities are handed off from one person to another or between systems.

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Business user configuration without IT intervention

Allows business users to create new models and reports or modify key driver assumptions, to match their business needs, without IT department intervention.

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Seamless collaboration, data connectivity, and planning efficiency

Provides real-time, instant availability of reporting rollups and summaries across Schools and Departments and provides visualization of financial performance.

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