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Today, we're thrilled to launch three groundbreaking capabilities designed to empower sales and revenue leaders, like you, to make more confident decisions as you chart your path to revenue. 

Our latest offerings include a proprietary guided setup for Territory & Quota Planning, Geo-spatial Mapping, and a Visual Workflow Designer to support every facet of your revenue operations planning. Read on to discover how these features will help you see, plan, and lead your salespeople to the President’s Club.

Unlock smarter, faster planning

“I'm a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”  
– Thomas Jefferson

In today's dynamic business landscape, revenue leaders need to adapt their plans quickly and frequently. Market disruptions, buyer uncertainty, and shifting corporate priorities make traditional annual sales planning inadequate in ensuring your salespeople are motivated, focused, and productive enough to reach their targets. 

According to the Sales Benchmark Index (SBI), playing “wait and see” is not a growth strategy. Failure to adjust your strategy after deploying your annual sales plan leads to lower win rates, smaller deal sizes, higher customer acquisition costs, costly attrition, and a greater risk of missing your top- and bottom-line targets. 

“Businesses that fare best through periods of uncertainty are those that drive growth teams toward highly focused growth bets” that change over time. Therefore, more frequent and agile sales planning is essential to keep your sales teams engaged and focused on opportunities with the highest revenue potential. 

Even industry giants like LinkedIn, speaking at Dreamforce 2023, conduct their formal sales planning twice a year across thousands of reps and multiple businesses units. That’s why you need to plan smarter and faster than ever before.  
Leave your spreadsheets behind 

Our new proprietary guided setup for Territory & Quota Planning will have you up and running with the most robust sales planning tool on the market in just days, not months. Your personalized deployment is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Answer step-by-step questions about your sales organization, including describing your hierarchies, quota-setting methods, performance metrics, and more.

  2. Provide the location of your data, and we’ll automatically map and build your integrations based on your responses

  3. Click a button and generate your own unique personalized Territory & Quota application, fed by your data, that can be further configured to meet any industry or business requirements.

Leveraging Anaplan’s 17 years of sales planning expertise and deployments across hundreds of enterprise customers, this revolutionary guided setup ensures you have all the necessary data, dashboards, and planning processes to deliver effective sales plans to your salesforce on time, every time. 

Go beyond territory optimization

As the customer journey has become more complex, so have strategies that drive profitable growth. Whether it’s land and expand motions, vertical strategies, product-led growth, ecosystem-led growth models, or others, they all share one thing in common: data. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce Geo-spatial Mapping, enabling you to better see, plan, and lead with location intelligence. 

Our customers can now design geo-spatial, hybrid, or virtual territories down to the zip code level with interactive maps. Optimizing your territory planning is just the beginning. Anaplan is the only revenue operations planning solution that utilizes location intelligence and geo-spatial mapping to assist in visualizing, optimizing, and building trust in every aspect of your go-to-market strategy. 

Whether it’s market sizing and account segmentation, top-down and bottom-up quota planning, sales capacity planning, incentive compensation plan design, sales performance analysis, sales forecasting, workforce planning, marketing performance management, and more, geo-mapping will play a critical role in charting your path to revenue. 

Anaplan introduced Seller 360 in 2021, which has empowered customers like Lumen to unlock the full potential of their sales plans and maximize sales rep productivity. Sellers gain a deeper understanding of their territory, quota, and comp plan, and how to prioritize the right accounts in their territories to achieve their goals. Sales leaders can analyze performance by team, seller, account, product, activity and prescribe changes to help sellers get to club. With the addition of geo-spatial mapping in Seller 360, sellers, sales leaders, and operations teams can take a more proactive and focused approach as they navigate their path to revenue.

Work from a single source of truth

Effective revenue operations planning requires teamwork. According to Forrester research, nearly two-thirds of revenue and operations leaders have recognized the need for increased collaboration among sales, marketing, and customer success to ensure timely and effective sales planning. Sales operations and finance teams are more interconnected than ever in their pursuit of profitable growth. 

Our new Visual Workflow Designer simplifies collaboration within Anaplan across a growing number of stakeholders, data, and needs for more frequent planning. Creating top-down and bottom-up Territory & Quota planning workflows, which facilitate data movement, task assignment, and approvals is effortless. A central hub for tracking and monitoring ad hoc tasks such as dispute inquiries and routine ones, like plan distribution, empowers your teams to work faster, with greater transparency. 

Workflow seamlessly links all your revenue operations planning processes, such as revenue planning to set sales targets, quota setting, and incentive compensation plan design or workforce, sales capacity, and operational headcount planning. Anaplan makes it easy to automate your work and act with confidence and speed.

Plan with Anaplan 

“Anaplan has the most robust capabilities in the category.”

– 2023 Forrester Wave™ for Sales Performance Management

With the launch of our proprietary guided setup for Territory & Quota Planning, our customers can take full advantage of our robust solution in days — not months. Geo-spatial Mapping enhances every aspect of revenue operations planning, not just territory design and optimization. And our Visual Workflow Designer makes collaboration across every team member a breeze. 

Most recently, Anaplan earned the #1 spot for TCO/ROI in Ventana Research’s 2023 Revenue Performance Management (RPM) Buyers Guide. Now with guided setup, mapping of your location intelligence, and enhanced workflow and collaboration, we have the most impactful capabilities for agile sales performance management and revenue operations planning, with the shortest time to value. 

Don’t miss us at Dreamforce 2023, and visit our Sales Performance Management solution page to learn more about our offerings. 

Discover how Anaplan can help your sales team chart the path to revenue growth.