Developing better energy outcomes through ESG

The path to zero emissions

Every organization that has an emissions-reducing initiative benefits from improved environmental responsibility. Although the consequences of not taking proactive steps to reduce emissions are clear, without a guiding light, the path forward may seem complex.

ESG encompasses much more.

The benefits of an overarching wholistic approach through ESG include the elimination of regulatory fines, enhanced investor and stakeholder relations, and improved production – including positive environmental and human impacts!

In this interactive (non-sales) leadership discussion, panellists from Fortescue Metals Group (FMG), Deloitte, and Anaplan, and facilitated by James Scotland from MESCR | AI Group, set the scene, broadly covering environmental, social, and corporate governance and drilling down to more specific conversations about:

  • The balance to deliver returns and reduce carbon emissions
  • Frameworks to deliver on long-range carbon neutral plans
  • Advocacy and influence – reporting standards
  • Value generation and economic growth opportunities
  • Organization commitment to a net-zero emission target.
  • Theory and practice: the realities of moving to net zero (group discussion)

There are many potential solutions to advancing your ESG objectives and this panel discussion will help you start or continue your journey.

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