Better decisions. Better outcomes. Easier said than done...

Breakthrough research. Breakthrough returns.

Ignite a new era of decision-making within your organization and drive a 14% improvement in shareholder return. Our report demonstrates how connectedness fuels decision excellence, which becomes a catalyst for unlocking superior financial results. 

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Better connected enterprises make better decisions

Discover how Anaplan customers achieve a significantly higher uplift in their total shareholder return compared to non-users. Our report highlights the Anaplan platform as a key enabler of enterprise connectedness, resulting in improved decision performance and significant financial gain.
Learn how to drive decision excellence with Anaplan to outperform your peers. In this report, you'll find:

Exclusive insights from our decision excellence research 2024 results

How Anaplan drives vertical, horizontal, and external connectedness

The questions to assess organization proficiency across all elements

Real-world examples of the impact of connectedness on performance