Strategic Planning software

Anaplan strategic planning software enables business users, from analysts to finance executives, to quickly and easily uncover important information that can be used in strategic decision-making processes across the office of finance.

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As a user, you can drill in to understand various KPIs and see how those metrics are trending over time. Anaplan’s flexible and scalable platform allows users to plan at different levels of granularity throughout the organization, taking high level targets and seamlessly cascading results to lower levels in the organization while maintaining complete visibility and data integrity.


Why Anaplan Strategic Planning software?


Build models that
work for you

Intelligently build and own your planning models and confidently execute your business strategy in today’s rapidly evolving markets.

Reduce reliance on IT resources

Own strategic planning and drive better collaboration with the business through user developed and owned models.

Platform Example

Platform Example

Adapt to market opportunities

Leverage best-practice or your own proprietary methodology, along with predictive analytics, to evaluate market opportunities and turn risk and uncertainty into clear, confident strategies.

Model initiatives
in real time

See the financial impacts of various strategic initiatives in real time and compare across different versions to get a clear picture of overall results of pursuing certain strategies.


Key challenges and how Anaplan solves them


Common Challenges

Lack of integration between strategy and operational plans, causing the disconnect between where the business is and where it needs to be

Poorly timed hiring of highly skilled and expensive staff

Excessive uptake, enablement, and cost of ownership of planning tool

Anaplan Capabilites

Integrate functional models across the enterprise that allows for efficiencies in capitalization and launching of new products, and enable long range planning that dynamically connects to annual operating plans

Enable hiring processes to take place earlier, ensuring that appropriate talent is identified and recruiting contracts negotiated

Accelerate time to value and ROI, while allowing for superior decision making due to reduction of cycle times