Finance transformation for the Insurance industry

Digital disruption in insurance and the impact on the finance organization, with VeeAR Analytics

Have you ever encountered financial reporting issues due to business assumptions that are no longer accurate?

You are not alone.

For the last few years, the outlook of the insurance industry has changed dramatically. Increasing regulations have resulted in significantly higher compliance costs. Acceleration of technology innovation has fuelled competition from alternative providers and puts further pressure on margins.

In this context of high-paced change, regulatory pressure and digital disruption of the insurance market, planning is more than ever essential to navigate through this turbulence.

Join Anaplan and VeeAR Analytics virtually and get inclusive insights on finance transformation for the insurance industry, including:

  • Digital disruption in insurance and the impact on the finance organization. Learn from VeeAR Analytics subject-matter experts about planning strategies such as adopting probabilistic range-based planning, strong scenario analysis through driver-based logic, and rolling monthly forecasts.
  • Watch a live demo on how the FP&A platform helps insurers drive forward-looking plans and reporting.
  • Listen to a deep-dive discussion with our customer Bajaj, whose objective to improve its performance management to “best-in-class” led them to implement Anaplan FP&A.
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