Building a high-performance revenue team

A sales leadership forum discussion

What does it take to effectively execute sales plans and achieve business goals? As a sales leader, you need to be skilled at building a strategy and driving high performance.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about developing high-performing teams from award-winning professional speaker and international author, Paul Rulkens. Paul is an expert on high performance – the art and science of achieving bigger goals with less effort. He is the author of two business books and a trusted boardroom advisor. Millions of people have watched his popular TED talks on YouTube.

Watch Paul’s discussion with Anaplan VP of Chief Revenue Officer Practice Dana Therrien to gain insights on how you can:

  • Balance short-term revenue objectives with long-term growth goals
  • Maintain focus and effectively drop activities that hamper high performance
  • Manage change in large and complex sales organizations
Watch the On-demand webinar