Strategic sales planning through market disruption

A predictive data-driven approach to business recovery

The world of sales has changed dramatically due to the global pandemic and disruption from emerging technologies. Business leaders need predictive insights and buyer intent data to create an effective recovery plan, build a more resilient sales organization, and gain a competitive edge.

This eBook is packed with insights for sales and revenue leaders, including:

  • How to use predictive modeling to identify and segment customer and prospect accounts by propensity to buy.
  • How to identify which customers and markets to focus on to optimize sales investments and sellers’ time and energy.
  • How to discover new and reliable sources of revenue that align with your business objectives.
  • How the ability to model changes to all aspects of your sales plans—account segmentation, sales capacity, territories, quotas, and more—gives you the opportunity to evaluate potential impact and quickly course-correct.
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