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The State of Connected Planning

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Connected Planning in Banking

As one of the most regulated industries facing fierce competition, banking is undergoing a massive transformation of its operating model to sustain a growth agenda. Adapting to new customer demands, responding to economic volatility, accommodating new capital and liquidity regulations, and transforming their distribution channels, banks require more forward-looking capabilities and collaboration from their planning technology. With Anaplan, you can connect your people, data, and plans to enable real-time planning and decision-making in rapidly changing environments to give your financial services business a competitive edge.
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of retail banks plan on adopting cloud-based planning in the next 3 years
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Rate changing customer demands as a significant challenge facing retail banks
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Rate forward-looking planning as a very high priority for the retail banks' finance function

The new reality in banking

Today’s banks are realizing that the traditional operating models – and the systems that have supported them – will not meet the flexible, connected needs for banks to compete in the future. Siloed, specialized systems maintained with arcane custom infrastructure and code are giving way to the cloud-based, user experience driven, on-demand world. Banking business models – whether from regulation, competition, or substitution – will need to reduce windows from planning to reality to near zero.
Digital transformation in retail banking is at an all-time high. Branch transformation connects all parts of the bank from marketing to distribution to service to HR to operations. But historically siloed legacy architectures make it difficult to measure or analyze results versus plans and improve decision-making – it’s time for an improvement.

The future of decision making in banking

Only the Anaplan platform, and our suite of industry solutions specifically designed for banking can help leading banks link operational and financial planning to achieve true Connected Planning in a secure, one-number environment, paving the way for future success.
  • Sales Insights allows distribution and product leaders to plan and track product performance as branch transformations occur
  • Territory & Quota Optimization design territories and compensation for serving customers in all channels
  • HR / Workforce Planning plan and model scenarios for use of existing FTE and planning for omnichannel service
  • Incentive Compensation Management allow Sales and HR leaders to effectively model and manage compensation schemes for a new era of retail banking
  • Branch & Product Profitability Modeling integrates and allocates revenue and expense to forecast and track verifiable profitability to the branch level
  • Location Strategy / Real Estate & IT Planning integrates the operational components of fixed assets and infrastructure info
  • Marketing Performance Management provides distribution and marketing expanded decision making to model and track campaign results and attributions, increasing Marketing ROI
With Anaplan’s Banking Industry Solutions, banks can connect their marketing, distribution, operations, risk management, and finance teams within their functions and across divisional lines. Anaplan’s enterprise cloud based planning platform connects businesses leaders to drive better insights and accelerate decision making.
Enterprise financial planning

Featured solutions for banking

Retail branch

Connects Network Planning, Operations, Product Management, Branch Management, Workforce Planning, IT, Client Service, & Marketing to model investment / divestment scenarios in omnichannel banking environment

banking digitization

Allows Sales, Operations, Risk, Finance, and Client Service to apply their discrete modeling requirements while using real-time data and workflow with a “single source of truth” Data Hub


Overlays product portfolio profitability with forecast and actual channel performance, empowering distribution leaders to have better insight into channel partner performance and increased agility for sales effectiveness.

sales insights

Integrates sales pipeline data from any CRM platform – including legacy systems. Increases CRM adoption and hygiene. Helps sales leaders improve forecasting and identifying white space and cross sell opportunities. Helps finance leaders plan and forecast regulatory requirements and reduce revenue volatility.

Net interest margin planning and balance sheet forecasting

Plans net interest margin at product level, calculates real-time impacts on solvency and capital ratios and reconciles balance sheet forecasts with stress tests.

banking planning

Helps banks (and non-banks) build the strategic operational and financial scenarios to maximise the value from PSD2/Open Banking regulation, set to take effect in 2019.

The Connected Planning difference


Driver and assumption- based balance sheet forecasting, reflecting in real-time the impact on the bank’s financial statements and regulatory ratios of a change in macroeconomic assumptions.


Finance, risk management, and asset and liability management teams can collaborate on a single platform, bridging operational and finance in a one-number, real-time environment.


Optimize call center resources by predicting customer demands and improving customer satisfaction.

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“With Anaplan we're now able to make changes to our global workforce plan in minutes what used to take weeks...We can now focus on what the numbers mean instead of just compiling figures.”

- VP Workforce Planning & Operations, Barclaycard

“Four people manage compensation for the whole company. There’s no more need for the complicated email exchange that occurred in the past.”

- Global Head of Rewards and HR Technology, Travelex

“The Anaplan solution has allowed my team to model things quickly and has given us the confidence to rely on the outputs.”

- Head of Online Financial Strategy and Performance,

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