Orchestrating winning outcomes in banking and capital markets

Discover operational efficiencies, enable business optimization in distribution, and manage performance with agility. Banks and capital market firms face market uncertainties, regulatory pressure, and disrupting forces; customer demand is shifting, and both assets and costs are rising. Enter Connected Planning, the only planning solution that enables banks, asset managers, wealth managers, and alternative investment firms to:

  • Manage performance with agility
  • Deliver sales effectiveness
  • Achieve operational efficiencies
  • Plan for the workforce of the future

Solutions we provide

Performance management in banking

Drive agile financial and regulatory forecasting and better insights on profitability across divisions, lines of business, and operational entities. 

Distribution planning in wealth and asset management

Optimize sales plans, motivate financial advisors, and adapt distribution strategy to changing market dynamics.


Strategic workforce planning in banking

Plan for the workforce of the future in the context of significant digital disruption and role changes in retail and investment banking.