Commercial planning kit

Faster, smarter collaboration driving effective investments to elevate brand performance

The consumer products industry has long served as the foundation to the modern consumer economy and is a key contributor to economic growth. Competition has always been fierce in the industry—whether for shelf space or for shoppers’ hearts and wallets.

Commercial planning with Anaplan enables consumer products companies to easily collaborate across finance, customer, brand, commercial, and marketing teams to build and sustain great brands. By connecting siloed teams, the organization gains a holistic view of investments and brand performance across markets, channels, and categories. This leads to shorter target-setting cycles, higher revenues, and faster evaluation of investment options and trade-offs.

Download the Commercial Planning Kit to begin your journey toward an intelligent commercial planning process.

What’s inside the Commercial Planning Kit:

  • Commercial planning datasheet.
  • White paper: “State of Connected Planning: Asia-Pacific perspective”
  • Research report: “Guidebook on Connected Planning with Anaplan” with Nucleus Research
  • Video: “What does Connected Planning mean for businesses today?”
  • Blog: “The beverage industry: Adapting commercial planning to a changing world”
  • Anaplan App Hub Page: “Deloitte Digital Commercial Planning”
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