Connected Planning Starter Kit

Start your journey toward Connected Planning with this bundle of resources

Large organizations need speed and accuracy in decision-making to respond to constant change despite struggling with siloed data, rigid processes, and distrusted planning. A Connected Planning platform links people and data to trusted plans and can provide enterprise-wide collaboration, which drives better-informed, cross-functional decision-making.

Download the Connected Planning starter kit to learn the fundamentals of Connected Planning and how to make it a reality within your organization.

What’s inside the kit:

  • Video by Anaplan President and CEO Frank Calderoni: The future is now with Connected Planning
  • Article by Frank Calderoni: Introducing the Essential C-Suite role: The Chief Planning Officer
  • Mint Jutras report: Connected Planning in an era of disruption
  • Deloitte webinar: Connected Planning as a framework for enterprise collaboration
  • Article: Five truths of Connected Planning
  • Video: Connected Planning customer success

“Connected Planning brings speed to our decision-making that allows us to get the right product in the right place at the right moment for the consumer.”

—EVP Global Supply Chain, Carter’s

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