You don’t need an oracle to see the future. You need Anaplan.

Still using Oracle Hyperion for financial planning? Using a rigid legacy system is about as reliable as seeking insights from a fortune teller. Only Anaplan delivers the real-time intelligence, predictions, and planning your finance teams need. No crystal ball required.

What if you could connect strategy and plans to decisions and results?

It’s not magical thinking. It’s Anaplan for Finance.

Let’s face it: Oracle’s solution had its day. But now support for its on-premises Hyperion application is ending, and it’s time to give your business the upgrade it deserves. Now you have a choice: Stick with the outdated software that limits your agility or give your organization the power to see, plan, and run your business for what is next.


Switch to Anaplan and see what’s in the cards for your business.

Reduced total cost of ownership

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Looking at Anaplan vs. Oracle, Anaplan costs less to deploy, upgrade, and maintain. Plus, it accelerates value by freeing resources to do more, faster.

Increased agility and resilience

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Create what if scenarios, stress your assumptions, and analyze strategic impacts, alongside predictive forecasts—giving you speed and confidence in your path forward.

Reduced total cost of ownership

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Build a single source of truth across finance and operations with built-in dashboards, management reporting, and real-time analytics for continuous forecasting. All on one singular cloud platform.

Industry analysts agree.
Connected Planning is essential.

No matter what you call this type of planning—connected, extended, or xP&A—it’s precisely what modern finance teams
need to maximize performance. And it’s what industry leaders are already doing.


Gartner Logo

2020 Strategic Roadmap for
Cloud Financial Planning
and Analysis Solutions

“By 2024, 70% of new financial planning and analysis projects will become extended planning and analysis (xP&A) projects, extending their scope beyond the finance domain into other areas of enterprise planning and analysis.

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Forrester Report: “Follow the Money”—DOP Planning and Analytics Redefines Enterprise Performance Management

Don’t just take our word for it

Many customers now enjoy the benefits of moving from Oracle Hyperion to Anaplan.

Top 10 reasons customers choose
Anaplan over Oracle

Every business is unique—but when it comes to picking the perfect unified planning platform, our customers tell us why
they chose Anaplan over Oracle for financial planning.

Reason #1

Connected Planning: Integrated financial, HR, sales, and supply chain planning designed to connect your business, allowing you to respond faster to changing market dynamics than your competition.

Reason #2

Limitless Modeling: Model your business without the limits of required dimensions or limited dimensionality, enabling you to model any business process at any level of granularity.


Ready to see the future?
It’s brighter with Anaplan.

Oracle’s move to the cloud provides the same IT-driven solutions of the past, and now is the perfect time to find out what
Anaplan for Finance can do for you. No need to worry about business integration and adoption across your organization
— it’s all seamless.


Our prediction: Anaplan is exactly what you need for corporate and business unit
planning and performance.

Quick to implement

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Don’t have 12+ months to spare for a financial planning upgrade? No problem. You’ll be up and running with Anaplan in approximately three months, with leading customer support for your integration.

Plays well with others

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Anaplan slides right into place for powerful planning and performance and fits perfectly with everything from your transactional systems to your purpose-built solutions—ERP, CRM, FCC–you name it.

Intuitive and flexible

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There’s no steep learning curve for finance, sales, or IT teams. Everything’s accessible through an easy-to-use dashboard—letting you see real-time trends, run driver-based forecasts, and respond quickly.

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