Sales Territory Management and Planning

Leverage data from across the organization to increase the value of your sales territories.

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With Anaplan for territory management and planning, sales leaders can plan and design territory coverage to optimize results.

Ensure that there are no territory coverage gaps and be data-driven—design territory based on historical performance, market opportunity, and account segmentation. Manage complexity and change with ease with an intuitive experience that engages all the right people in the process.

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Why Anaplan Territory Management software?

Ensure complete coverage

Assign sales territories to ensure complete coverage with effective dating. Easily realign or temporarily assign sales territories while maintaining historical sales performance.

Manage the complexity of territory hierarchies

Get a handle on the complexity associated with sales territory hierarchies and the related coverage model, such as the movement of sales people, product hierarchies, sales overlays, and key account assignments.

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Set equitable territories

Ensure fair and equitable territories with data-driven decisions and collaboration. Allow sales leaders and sales reps to collaborate together to ensure that there is agreement on the numbers.

Integrate for an end-to-end solution for sales

integration with Anaplan Account Segmentation to leverage account segments and scoring when defining, optimizing, and communicating sales territories and quotas. Enable downstream integration with Anaplan’s Sales Capacity and Sales Incentive Compensation Planning for a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

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Enable “what-if” scenario modeling

Create in-memory “what-if” scenarios and modeling to analyze the impact to the sales forecast if a specific business, economic, or competitive situation were to occur. Prepare for challenges that you could encounter in your upcoming deal cycles.

Analyze territories with data visualizations

Built-in dashboards, reporting, and analytics with data visualization (charts, graphs, maps, etc.). Dashboards and reports are updated immediately. Analyze territory definitions, territory coverage, quota attainment levels, and other sales performance metrics to make better decisions with AI driven actionable insights.

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Key challenges and how Anaplan solves them

  • Common Challenges


    Obsolete or ineffective territory plans due to the inability to keep sales territory analysis up to date


    Loss of sales productivity due to delays in territory-setting


    Territory assignment not aligned with corporate objectives

  • Anaplan Capabilites

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    Incorporate all your data in one cloud-based platform to enable the revisiting of your original methodology

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    Plan and maintain multiple sales hierarchies including sales structures, geographies, accounts and products

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    Use top-down/bottom-up planning to align overall revenue goals to detailed territory assignments