Anaplan for Inventory Optimization and Planning

Using “what-if” scenario capabilities, planners can see their impact on the inventory and production plans,
as well as any potential impact on cost.

In a fast-paced, omnichannel world, staying competitive means being able to deliver on time, every time. With Anaplan Inventory Management software, supply chain leaders can maintain a profitable balance among speed, customer service levels, market share, and inventory across all channels.

Use multidimensional, multistage inventory planning and segmentation to improve the accuracy and performance of your inventory plans. Use “what-if” scenario capabilities to see the impact of potential disruptive factors on inventory and production plans. Bring all of the possible variables into the equation so you know exactly how much inventory to have at each location to meet the customer’s required service levels. Gain inventory optimization and supply chain momentum to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Why Anaplan Inventory Planning Software?

Enhance inventory control and decision-making
Make strategic and informed decisions to improve inventory control. Remove inventory and cut costs while maintaining service levels. Instantly adapt your inventory strategy to address changing market conditions and supply chain constraints.

Enable In-memory, multidimensional planning
Create an unparalleled solution for finding accurate answers to the most complex supply chain problems in seconds. Empower supply chain planners to provide value-based decisions to the business in record time.

Enterprise financial planning

Drive global inventory control tower reporting
Get instant visibility into critical supply chain performance metrics including inventory turns, days of supply, and other KPIs on an ongoing basis. Instantly adapt and continuously improve inventory levels across the supply chain.

Generate inventory scenario planning
See the impact of decisions before you make them. Simulate the impact of lead-time reductions, safety stock changes, and other changes on service or stock levels. Model the expense of multiple scenarios.

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