Traditional planning and budgeting systems, and even some newer cloud-based solutions, focus solely on the financial aspects of budgeting. They cannot provide the detailed insights into the operational drivers that managers need when deciding whether to remove an expense.

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The Anaplan platform, a purpose-built, cloud-native solution, can enable, support, and execute effective zero-based budgeting (ZBB) methodology–a cost discipline that can help improve resource planning, employee engagement, and organizational collaboration.


Why Anaplan Zero Based Budgeting software?


Create real-time modeling

Create expense models that calculate in real-time, providing timely and proactive cost management.


Drive deeper understanding


Capture detailed drivers of spend, enabling unprecedented visibility and collaboration into how the organization spends across functions and expense categories.


Enable alignment


Create models with specific alignment to package owners, allowing full control of costs by providing a full understanding of the needed details to accentuate or correct trends.

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Key challenges and how Anaplan solves them


Common Challenges

Poor visibility into expense categories                                         

Poor alignment and accountability for cost or cost structure

Inability to affect change in trends, due to low visibility of costs at the proper level


Stagnant margin growth                                       


Anaplan Capabilites

Provide transparency into the details needed to manage cost packages, taking advantage of institutional knowledge

Create agile models, providing the proper level of detail required by the cost package owners to achieve goals

Generate flexible and scalable cost models that grow with your business, allowing you to achieve your cost management goals

Connect previously siloed data, enabling cost and revenue matching for stronger margin management