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Your sales pipeline provides actionable information about the health and potential of your revenue plans. But in today’s volatile market conditions, the pipeline can quickly become stale and misleading if it relies only on historical sales patterns and seller intuition to provide projections and forecasts. Take control with Anaplan Sales Insights. Analyze and optimize your pipeline and keep your revenue organization aligned to make the right decisions quickly.

Sales Insights solution


Optimize desirable and winnable deals in your pipeline. Utilize more accurate forecasts to drive consistent revenue and reduce time wasted. Anaplan combines historical sales data with predictive capabilities, while gathering third-party market signals to evaluate pipeline health.

Shape your future with accurate and adjustable forecasting. Take action with confidence where it matters most: headcount, financial budgets, sales incentives, demand management, product launch, and more. With Anaplan

Data-driven insights ... have enabled us to optimize our marketing funnel and improve conversion rates.
Senior Director of Demand Generation, Open-Source Technology Company

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