Sales Forecasting Software

Deliver accurate, dynamic sales forecasts that improve decision-making throughout the organization.

Anaplan for sales forecasting gives sales executives, leaders, and representatives the flexibility to manage an accurate and trusted sales forecast in any area of the business.

Analyze forecasts at the geographic, opportunity, and product levels to understand the health of your sales organization. With the ability for sales leaders to collaborate week-over-week with their sales teams, the entire sales organization is held accountable to commit the numbers honestly—no more “sand baggers” or over-commits. Get precise insight into sales actuals and expected pipeline.

Why Anaplan Sales Forecasting software?

Increase accountability to meet sales quotas
Foster a collaborative experience between sales leaders and sales teams to effectively meet sales quotas. Ensure that your sales team reports sales pipeline activity more accurately. Identify sales deals at risk, eliminate “sandbaggers,” and reduce overcommits.

Standardize sales forecasting and pipeline management
Provide a single line of sight across the entire organization so that everyone has a view into revenue projections, sales projections, and operational insight.

Give accurate and trusted sales forecasts
Allow functional leaders to make better and more informed decisions by providing accurate and trusted sales forecasting to all business units, including sales, finance, operations, HR, and marketing.

Access data-driven sales benchmarking and trend analysis
Enable sales leaders to use historical and current sales performance as a benchmark to predict future sales results. Make changes to functional plans and implement these changes across all other business models.

Key Challenges and How Anaplan Solves Them

Common Challenges Anaplan Capabilites
Excessive sales forecasting delays due to manual aggregation of spreadsheet-based forecasts and manual creation of sales insights Enable the automatic consolidation of forecasts and pre-built sales insights, leading to productivity improvements for sales operations
Inaccurate sales forecasting due to reliance on the judgement of individual sales account executives Give detailed visibility into historical omits to ensure the delivery of more accurate forecasts
Limited actionable insights due to limited opportunity-level visibility Generate actionable insights into the sales pipeline to affect an increase in win rates
Manual and insecure collaboration via email-based sending of spreadsheet files between functions Empower sales, operations, finance and compensation professionals to collaborate in real-time in a secure, connected environment

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