Sales Forecasting Software

Generate accurate, data-driven sales projections in real-time that improve decision-making throughout the organization.

Anaplan for Sales Forecasting gives sales leaders the ability to deliver forecasts that are reliable and dynamic, empowering them to make updates on the fly based on current market conditions.

Analyze sales forecasts by geography, product line, or account with the ability to drill down to any level of granularity—e.g., by city or state, specific product SKU, or a vertical-specific set of accounts. Gain a better handle on pipeline health and use Predictive Insights to help focus sales resources on the best opportunities to drive more consistent revenue.


Why Anaplan sales forecasting software?


Connect forecasts with sales planning and performance

Align real-time sales forecasts with sales planning models and metrics. Calculate quota attainment and estimated compensation payouts, make adjustments to sales capacity, optimize territories, and make quota relief considerations based on data-driven projections and market conditions.

Enable forecasting at an enterprise scale

Ensure that the entire organization is making revenue projections and sales forecasts using a standard methodology. Give everyone in the business a clear view of revenue health and empower them to quickly perform complex analysis across many dimensions.



Inform better decisions across the organization

Provide accurate, up-to-date sales forecasts to leaders across the organization, enabling all business units and departments, including sales, finance, HR, and marketing, to make better, more informed decisions.

Get data-driven sales benchmarking and trend analysis

Generate sales forecast benchmarks from historical sales performance and third-party-sourced intent data. Analyze patterns using time-based dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs), such as velocity calculations, trend-based analytics, and seasonal fluctuations.


Key challenges and how Anaplan solves them

Common Challenges

Delays in forecasting due to manual and siloed processes, such as spreadsheet aggregation and sales data analysis

Inaccurate sales forecasts due to overreliance on seller intuition and historical data that does not reflect the current market landscape

Few insights to guide sales activities due to limited visibility into pipeline health


Inefficient and non-secure collaboration using spreadsheets sent via email


Anaplan Capabilities

Enable accurate, real-time forecast creation in one place while automatically surfacing actionable insights to improve sales productivity

Leverage third-party data as well as historical sales patterns, including trend and seasonality, to create more accurate forecasts that represent the present selling environment

Provide actionable intelligence with Predictive Insights to more effectively optimize pipeline and shore up sales forecast strength

Easily and securely collaborate on top-down or bottom-up forecasts across functional areas in real time