Anaplan for Statistical Supply Chain Forecasting

How are the world’s leading supply chain organizations seeing further into the future and acting faster to stay ahead of change? With Anaplan Statistical Supply Chain Forecasting software, supply chain professionals can leverage historical data and generate supply chain forecasts using various advanced statistical algorithms.

Analyze which algorithm is best for a specific set of data to provide a clear indication of which method is the most accurate to use in the future. Enable more effective Demand Planning with confidence intervals, for a better view into your forecasts and data correlation. Choose from among multiple error measures to select the best model per product/family. Easily analyze the chosen model’s accuracy and bias measures.

Why Anaplan Statistical Supply Chain Forecasting Software?

Use 17 statistical forecasting algorithms
Use 17 unique statistical algorithms for supply chain planning, including simple exponential smoothing, multiplicative decomposition, Winter’s additive and more.

Utilize interactive forecasting dashboards
Customize forecast algorithm assumptions with an easy-to-use forecasting dashboard. Forecast accuracy measurement with techniques such as mean absolute percentage error (MAPE).

Enterprise financial planning

Detect and suggest corrections for outliers
Quickly identify outliers and exclusions based on user-defined parameters, including standard deviation or the inter-quartile range (IQR).

Leverage seasonality options and more
Leverage out-of-the box statistical forecasting methods, including methods for seasonality and intermittent demand, and multi-linear regression forecast quantity, price, attach rates, and discounts. Enable the testing of multiple scenarios simultaneously.

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