Anaplan for Spend Analysis

Align financial planning with cloud-native spend analytics to identify hard-dollar cost savings.

Introduce structure, speed, consistency, and seamless collaboration into spend reporting and management.




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The Anaplan cloud platform provides your business unit and geographic teams with a single source of truth for your supplier spend portfolio. Your teams are able to rapidly pin-point cost-saving scenarios and make informed decisions based on the global market, shifting supply chain conditions, and individual supplier performance.


Why Anaplan Spend Analysis software?


Enable end-to-end spend analysis

Monitor the flow of spend information from purchases and invoice payments across vendors, manufacturing partners, factories, regions, stores, and corporate locations. Align spend data with inventory and consumption to better reconcile savings opportunities.

Empower real-time cost savings stewardship

With a zero-latency dashboard, you have a real-time comprehensive picture of spend analytics along with other easy-to-use planning views tailored to and by your business.

Platform Example

Platform Example

Enable collaborative category planning

Actively engage your internal customers in the decision-making process that incorporates supplier purchase expenditures and payment data.

Generate “what-if” modeling and analysis

Determine the probability of increased savings for various sourcing alternatives.