Trade Promotion Management software

Empower promotion planners to adjust flexible models and calculations to match your evolving needs.

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With Anaplan, you can optimize trade promotion management by collaboratively planning at aggregate and detailed levels, and easily add promotions, campaigns, and products without delay. Empower promotion planners to adjust flexible models and calculations to match your evolving needs.

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Why Anaplan Trade Promotion Management software?

Create an optimal promotion plan

Accurately align trade promotion planning spending with distributor and end customer demand signals across all product, geography, and time periods.

Enable cross-enterprise promotions alignment

Perform top-down and bottom-up trade promotion planning and analysis that incorporates P&L data-delivering actionable insight into promotions spending for different company organizations. Streamline trade promotion management workflow execution of approval tasks and tracking.

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Track and identify ineffective promotions

Increase trade promotion planning margins while you allocate promotions spending effectively across the enterprise by tracking promotions spending and promotion ROI across historical and actual data.

Analyze promotions with data visualization

Generate zero-latency reports and dashboards on all demand plans, forecast KPIs, and actuals. Enable highly interactive reporting and analysis on promotion data.

Empower master data maintenance

Enable end users to easily create and modify any master data in real time for new products, customers, and promotions.

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Key challenges and how Anaplan solves them

  • Common Challenges


    Limited ROI resulting from ineffective trade promotion spending


    Lack of growth from trade promotions

  • Anaplan Capabilites

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    Provide insights into effective trade promotion spending, allowing organizations to increase the amount of promotions that result in positive ROI

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    Align trade spending with promotions that drive overall revenue while decreasing trade spending