Anaplan for Sales Quota Planning

With Anaplan for sales quota management, sales leaders can plan and design quota assignments to optimize results.

Align quota assignments with revenue targets and be data-driven—design quota assignments based on historical performance, market opportunity, and account segmentation. Manage complexity and change with ease with an intuitive experience that engages all the right people in the process.

Why Anaplan Quota Planning Software?

Enable collaborative sales management
By enabling collaboration and quota management between sales leaders and sales teams, you can deploy sales quotas that map to historical sales performance, market opportunity, and account segmentations.

Gain functional alignment
Gain alignment between sales and finance with top-down revenue expectations and bottom-up quota targets, making any necessary adjustments throughout the year in real-time.

Manage quotas proactively
Monitor sales quota attainment across the sales organization at any level of granularity. Configure visual alerts with specific thresholds (e.g. over/ under-assigned sales quotas, quota attainment risks). Continuously align and adjust sales quotas targets with revenue plan to ensure that the numbers reconcile.

Integrate for an end-to-end solution for sales
Integrate with Anaplan’s Account Segmentation to leverage account segments and scoring when defining, optimizing, and communicating sales territories and quotas. Enable downstream integration with Anaplan’s Sales Capacity and Sales Incentive Compensation Management for a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

“What-if” scenario modeling and analysis
Create in-memory “what-if” scenarios and modeling to analyze the potential impact to the sales forecast of any change in your quota plan. Prepare for challenges that you could encounter in your upcoming deal cycles.

Analyze quotas with data visualizations
Built-in dashboards, reporting, and analytics with data visualization (charts, graphs, maps, etc.). Dashboards and reports are updated immediately. Analyze quota attainment levels and other sales performance metrics to make better decisions with AI driven actionable insights.

Key Challenges and How Anaplan Solves Them

Common Challenges Anaplan Capabilites
Low trust in quotas due to lack of transparency during target setting processes Enable the alignment of initiatives and quotas to drive higher Account Executive performance
Lack of growth from deal size increases or decreases in deal size YOY Accurately score territories so AEs can focus on the correct opportunities
Inability to align targets and personnel to initiatives in order to achieve overall targets Allow for alignment of strategic targets, sales capacity, territories, and quotas in order to drive target achievement
Loss of sales productivity due to delays in quota setting Maximize sales productivity across the business by setting and clearly communicating quota assignments earlier

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