Anaplan for Sales and Operations Planning

Empowering dynamic, value-based S&OP

Anaplan is a Leader in the 2019 S&OP Magic Quadrant

Make the best possible S&OP
decisions with unified, accurate data

When executives are faced with complex, high-impact decisions, they can’t afford to use inconsistent or unreliable data to make key business plans.

With Anaplan, sales and operations planning (S&OP) is unified across all relevant business units into one cloud-based, connected platform. When plans and data from sales, finance, product, marketing, and supply chain work in sync, executives can make better-informed decisions that maximize profitability.

Align decisions across departments in one easy-to-use collaborative platform

Increase service levels and the accuracy of plans by better collaborating with customers and suppliers

Optimize product innovation scenarios by accessing and coordinating launch plans for maximum profitability

Increase productivity with improved processes, more flexible modeling, and a better user interface

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Sales and Operations Planning Software Use Cases

Scenario planning

The power to ask “what if” in the S&OP process is mighty when you use the Anaplan platform. Anaplan can run a variety of scenarios, from more tactical “what if” questions to long-term scenarios. In the end, the objective remains the same: to reduce risk and understand the pros and cons of a wide range of adjustments.

For example, you can run simple scenarios like inventory or workforce re-balancing, and more complex scenarios such as onboarding a new supplier. And with Connected Planning, supply chain, finance, and any other relevant plans are linked so the impact of decisions on every part of the business is clear.

  • Create, share, and compare scenarios across the business
  • See the effects of adding products, changing manufacturers, and altering routes
  • Use change history, annotations, and assumption tracking

Planning and collaboration

  • A secure, cloud-based environment enables cross-enterprise collaboration
  • Leverage real-time planning changes and recalculations without waiting for batch processing
  • Multi-region and multi-currency support
  • Change history of all plan updates for auditability

Reporting and performance management

  • Executive dashboards enable timely, value-based decisions
  • Define and manage process performance KPIs
  • Interactive reporting and analysis on plans, KPIs, and actuals

"Anaplan is going to be the platform that connects our organization. We’re going to use the information to drive new systems, processes, and understanding into actually how to run our business better."

- Jonathan Rocque,
Director of Global Sourcing, Sonos

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“Anaplan is really one vision of the truth. You can look at it from all angles.”

- Alyson Lougheed,
Manager of Sales Compensation, TELUS

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“Our partnership with Anaplan has transformed the way we plan and forecast.”

- Sam Fergus,
Senior Manager: Logistics Excellence, Tarmac

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