Why Anaplan Production Planning software?

Enable planning agility

Quickly determine how to allocate employees, materials, and production capacity through a multi-dimensional, attribute-based planning process.

Plan dynamically

Plan in a dynamic, continuous way by measuring, monitoring, drilling deep into root causes, performing “what-if” analysis and making production plan changes in real-time.

Enable In Memory Chart

Enable In Memory Chart

Empower Connected Planning

Collaborate with suppliers, manufacturers, and trading partners to align plans for maximum efficiency.

Drive budget compliance

Enable the conversion of volumes to value, ensuring compliance with financial budgets.

Key challenges and how Anaplan solves them

Common Challenges

Poor adoption of planning systems                                                                                           

Anaplan Capabilities

Create personalized views for planning at aggregate and detailed levels

Lack of integration between production and sales

Drive flexible business logic to convert attribute-based plans into SKU configurations

Loss of flexibility due to an extended frozen horizon for planning


Enable instant allocations via transparent and consistent models for both actuals and forecast