Anaplan for Sales Incentives & Rewards

Build, model, and optimize incentive compensation programs to align behaviors with revenue goals.

Stabilize and grow revenue with

focused, motivated sellers

Anaplan lets you easily build and manage compensation plans and connect them with the rest of your sales strategy for maximum effectiveness. Use robust modeling, real-time signals, and collaboration capabilities to optimize your incentive and MBO programs, even in the face of changing market conditions and shifting priorities. Deliver compensation plans and accurate payments on time. Forecast sales projections, quota attainment, and compensation spending to maximize every dollar and achieve your targets. Connect your sales compensation program with your entire go-to-market strategy. Maintain alignment and drive growth—on a single platform, with enterprise-wide line of sight.

Sales Incentives solution


  • Keep your teams focused on driving strategic revenue growth with real-time signals and a single trusted system of record.
  • Ensure your sales reps and managers always know where they stand with visualization dashboards updated as deals close and incentives are earned.
  • Track sales and forecast incentives at any level. Aggregate signals for sales leaders and executive reports.

  • Create unlimited “what-if” scenarios to evaluate adjustments and new plans quickly. Keep sales reps focused and motivated amid disruption.
  • Instantly view potential effects of changes. Forecast and measure impacts before rolling out new plans.
  • Quickly modify compensation plans to emphasize new products, territories, and business priorities.

  • Motivate your sales team with predictive analytics to forecast compensation earnings and quota attainment down to a single transaction.
  • Keep your revenue targets, sales compensation budget, and accruals updated in real time.
  • Invest your sales compensation budget—one of the largest line items in your business—more effectively.

  • Optimize your sales capacity to meet your targets. Incorporate workforce position, hierarchy and CRM data directly into your compensation plans.
  • Leverage predictive insights to carve out territories across dimensions. Optimizing market coverage to give your sellers the best chance to meet their revenue goals.
  • Construct quotas for each rep using scenario planning and adjustable modeling.

Because employees now have data at their fingertips that they can access at any time, they now are spending more of their valuable time doing what they do best: selling our products.
Karen Han, Senior Manager, Sales Finance, Zillow Group

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