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Your best planning requires clarity, transparency, and line of sight across your enterprise. Anaplan for Specialty Finance Planning applies hyperscale computing to your strategy. Connect cost management practices to central finance, core planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Enjoy freedom from the “messy middle” of siloed work. Act with confidence with flexible forecasts based on real-time signals and a single trusted system of record.

Use real-time signals and insights to drive profitable growth, maximize cash flow, and address risk

Anaplan’s cloud-based platform empowers Connected Planning to create profitability and pricing models, automate cost management practices, and adopt an unlimited range of finance use cases.

Anaplan enables, supports, and executes effective zero-based budgeting (ZBB) methodology. Use cost discipline to improve your resource planning, employee engagement and organizational collaboration.

Anaplan models cost drivers from finance through the supply chain to understand impacts from raw materials, configuration changes, labor inflation, OEI, and FX. Increase transparency and speed of allocations, including absorption of overheads, with consistency and accuracy. Collaborate with all departments across your enterprise to align objectives with operational tactics and financial plans.

Anaplan for Pricing Optimization enables you to gain visibility into pricing decisions and see impacts across the organization in real time. When it comes to improving profitability, pricing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. With a granular view, better understand both the internal and external factors affecting profitability. Price across product and territories, get a comprehensive view of your value proposition across your portfolio, and model pricing moves with real-time feedback. Instantly review proposed pricing-effect scenarios across volume and P&L, and against the previous year. Review category plans across territories and drill into pricing plans.

Anaplan aligns long-term planning with strategic initiatives. Drive your speculation-to-action strategy with multiple scenario simulations to analyze alternatives across a wide range of conditions. Optimize signals analysis for the demands of the financial analyst who needs to assess risk, stress-test economic scenarios and determine the best course of action. Anaplan empowers you to navigate the uncertainties in long-range financial forecasts and link directly to your strategic modeling. It enhances integration after the merger or acquisition closes, providing integration across various systems and an aggregated view of the newly structured enterprise to orchestrate performance and profit.

A majority of team members who report up to our CFO uses Anaplan.
Megan Carrozza, Finance Manager, Groupon

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Real-time data across functions brings insight into what’s happening, why, and where you’re headed.

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