Talent strategy

Optimize your workforce strategy and effectively mobilize your teams with adaptable plans and insightful forecasts.

Develop strategic plans ensuring that you hire, develop, and retain the right talent



Inform management decisions

Showcase key workforce metrics and surface insights and trends that matter most when assessing your workforce skills and performance, capacity for growth, and retention risk.

Optimize workforce performance

Optimize your workforce's performance by prioritizing their roles and positions and collaborating on the development and retention plans.

Platform Example

Platform Example

Shape and adapt with “what-if” analysis

Model “what-if” changes in salary, training, and skills criteria. See changes ripple through and assess the impact to determine your best-fit options among current employees and compare with your external hire assumptions.

Enable bottom-up workforce planning

Use attributes such as skills, time in roles, years of experience, and other metrics to narrow your choices for your best available candidate to fit a given position—within your team and across the organization.