With Anaplan for Product Portfolio Management, you have real-time control over every facet of the product lifecycle. In a world with shifting markets and interconnected product lines, Anaplan gives you a real-time, agile view of your product portfolio.



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In-memory cloud technology lends itself well to providing scenario planning around product rationalization and new product introduction. Effectively optimize your business’ product mix and reach your goals of maximizing profitability across product lines and increasing market share.



Why Anaplan Product Portfolio Management software?


Support new product introduction

Support new product planning and see how new product introductions impact overall planning strategy. Automatically forecast product revenue, cost, and profit.

Enable accurate baseline setting

Generate a baseline of revenue, cost, and profit for the whole business based on the annual plan and product family plans. Adjust revenue and cost respectively at the product family and brand level.


Enable In Memory Chart

Enable In Memory Chart

Facilitate end-to-end product lifecycle management

Make it easy for planners to manage product lifecycles, including the effects of new production introductions, product end-life, attachment rates, and cannibalization.

Empower real-time analytics and collaboration

See immediately and in real-time the net impact of product decisions across the organization. Immediately share data and collaborate with sales, finance, and marketing.