Say hello to rapid innovation. With Anaplan for New Product Planning, you can seamlessly collaborate with customers and distributors to create accurate demand forecasts and budgets for new product launches.


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Accelerate the idea-to-commercialization cycle by connecting the ideation funnel to feasibility models and scenario-based profitability modeling. Make planning a collaborative effort by unifying information gathered from key people in marketing, sales, operations, and supply chain. Build a forecasting model that is sufficiently granular to reflect how and when different market segments in different geographies might purchase the product and at what price.


Why Anaplan Product Launch Planning software?



Drive new product introductions

Fuel innovation and allow the business to have instant visibility into how a new product launch could impact the company’s overall planning strategy or bottlenecks within its organization.

Enable real-time product lifecycle management

Control every aspect of the product lifecycle in real-time. Avoid surprises and quickly adjust for disruptions such as labor issues or demand variation issues.


Enable In Memory Chart

Enable In Memory Chart

Collaborate faster and better

Unify new product planning and collaborate easily, across both departments and customers, with flexible modeling. Take advantage of cross-functional data to build forecasts for new product launches, and adjust forecasts based on exceptions.

Integrated sales and supply chain planning

Link key drivers across sales and operations (S&OP) planning processes. Create plans at specific segment and regional levels that can be a baseline for production and allocation planning.