Workforce planning

Uncover workforce gaps and understand the cost and business impact of your decisions on how to close the gaps.

Align your workforce plans with your business strategy




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Eliminate spreadsheets and break down HR and talent management silos.

With Anaplan for Workforce Planning, HR and business leaders gain an accurate picture of your organization’s headcount and workforce gaps. They can leverage cost models and “what-if” scenarios to determine optimal workforce plans that deliver on your business strategy.


Respond swiftly to market and talent-supply changes


Provide complete transparency into headcount

Have an accurate, real-time view of your headcount planning and workforce costs across your entire organization.

Enable workforce planning flexibility

Enable long- and short-term workforce planning aligned with business strategy and budget. Pivot workforce plans quickly and effectively while staying in lockstep with respective business areas.

Platform Example

Platform Example

Forecast workforce demand

Model multiple scenarios and address different drivers to calculate demand for your workforce accurately. Enrich your models with third-party labor data.

Assess the impact of changes

Perform robust “what-if” analyses to determine how to close workforce gaps. Examine the cost impact of changes to crucial workforce dimensions or assumptions.


Collaborate on developing viable workforce plans

Leverage the Anaplan platform for ongoing partnership and engagement among HR, finance, and business leaders.

Provide early guidance for recruitment

Give your recruiting team a strategic advantage by providing early insight into the timing of roles and skills in demand.

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