Connected Planning for sourcing and procurement

Focus on bottom-line cost savings and supplier efficiencies with a cloud-native planning and decision-making platform.

Connect purchasing plans to unlock
hidden cost savings

Anaplan applies hyperscale computing across global supplier sourcing
and purchasing plans to drive quantifiable cost savings

Spend Analysis

Systematically identify cost savings by aligning your financial plans with spend analytics that provide a single source of truth for the past, present, and future forecasted supplier expenditures.


Supplier Collaboration

Enable collaborative decision-making and value creation across your supplier ecosystem through the real-time exchange of pricing, inventory, capacity, logistics, quality, risk, and other data required to effectively run your operations.


Material Sourcing

Optimize supplier allocations and purchasing plans by connecting decision-making across demand and supply planning, supplier pricing and capacity, considering lead time constraints, and the latest market conditions.


Connected sourcing and procurement
planning as a competitive advantage

Model sourcing and procurement decisions with hyperscale intelligence

Leverage real-time collaboration across departments, functions, suppliers, and customers

  • Enable supplier collaboration to break-down silos and unlock end-to-end visibility and control.
  • Establish procurement as the credible source of truth for all supplier sourcing and related planning decisions.
  • Aggregate spend data into a centralized view, allowing changes in one area to immediately roll to all others.
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Make purchasing insights actionable

Align people, processes, and technology to enhance predictability.

  • Improve spend forecast accuracy by applying audience intelligence and advanced algorithms to pinpoint anomalies and benchmarks.
  • Deliver sourcing breakthroughs with a rich library of available analytical methods, templates, and ad hoc functions.
  • Discover fresh perspectives on supplier savings through a connected sourcing and purchasing planning process.
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Predict and model the impacts of change

Adapt your sourcing and procurement strategy at the speed of business

  • Gauge the impact of supplier changes and increase spend forecast accuracy with scenario modeling.
  • Get full line-of-sight visibility into suppliers, products, risks, and change across the supply chain.
  • Shift decisions from reactive to proactive while confidently anticipating the right moves to optimize revenue, cost, and profit.
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Execute with synchronized agility

Create profitable and resilient responses to supply chain variability.

Create profitable and resilient responses to supply chain variability.

  • Create center-to-edge supplier alignment and enable course corrections within hours.
  • Pivot entire supplier sourcing decisions in days while avoiding demand shortages and achieving shipment targets.
  • Benefit from compliant, secure autonomy that empowers people directly across the operation.
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        We can do things two to three times quicker and more efficiently than we ever did before.
        Ardy Duwel, Head of Commercial Projects, Unum