Anaplan Sales Planning

Optimize your sales strategy and effectively mobilize your teams with adaptable plans and insightful forecasts.

Turn your sales strategy into results

Integrate the key building blocks of your revenue strategy and infuse them with AI-powered insights. With Anaplan Sales Planning, sales leaders can optimize resources to increase sales productivity and drive more top-line revenue.


Uncover your ideal customers

Predictive account segmentation and scoring

Orchestrate internal and third-party market signals to target and prioritize accounts with the highest propensity to buy. Provide your sellers with the line of sight they need to be successful.

  • Match each account with the ideal sales rep(s) and prioritize customers with the greatest revenue potential.
  • Receive recommendations for accounts that display a high propensity to buy.
  • Build target lists based on multiple criteria and assess their impact on territories, quotas and revenue.
  • Analyze market segments and prospective buyers with built-in dashboards and analytics with signals visualization.
  • Track ROI to eliminate ineffective promotions
Anaplan predictive Insights Dashboard

Keep your territories balanced and optimized

Territory Planning

  • Build territory plans that incorporate accurate signals and hierarchies based on your business needs.
  • Model and deploy optimal structures across multiple dimensions (such as geography, industry, product, division or named account).
  • Easily adjust plans to accommodate changes in head count, market disruptions and shifting priorities.
  • Connect your territoryquota, and incentive compensation plans. Ensure faster administration and better alignment.
VM Ware gained faster sales planning and helped more reps achieve quota

Create sales goals that inspire results

Quota Planning

Design quotas that motivate your sellers, calibrated to achieve your business revenue goals.

  • Model, compare and deploy optimized quotas for each rep using a wide range of data, including account size, individual rep history, account potential, pipeline needs, and more.
  • Dynamically roll up or drill down in real time, giving sales teams, executives and individual reps detailed insight into sales performance.
  • Drive intelligent quota allocations by leveraging predictive insights, buying signals and intent information.
Amer Sports cut target-setting by 70%

Optimize coverage to hit targets

Sales Capacity Planning

Create sales coverage models using sales factors and buyer propensity insights to ensure you achieve revenue targets.

  • Calculate capacity and gaps across sales channels to determine your likelihood of hitting sales targets.
  • Identify and model potential strategies to optimize sales coverage (e.g., win rates, sales duration, average selling price, conversion rates, discount percentages or others).
  • Increase seller productivity by modeling capacity with buyer propensity and intent data to focus sellers on the right accounts.
  • Simulate sales head count changes, organizational growth, and the potential revenue impact of restructuring.
Sales Capacity Planning Dashboard
Anaplan helps us to see what’s possible with collaborative planning—within sales, and across Vodafone.
Kerry Small, Commercial and Operations Director, Vodafone

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