Connected supply planning for synchronized outcomes

It’s a simple but elusive formula: supply should meet demand. Yet solving that formula isn’t always easy. In today’s constantly changing market, a supply plan must be resilient to meet demand consistently and efficiently. Supply planning with Anaplan provides real-time, end-to-end visibility and “what-if” scenario planning. Ensure an accurate supply forecast across your entire network. Empower teams, including suppliers and other network partners, to collaborate across your business. With Anaplan’s Optimizer hyperscale computing, supply chain leaders can convert complex decisions into actionable choices by harnessing real-time signals with enterprise-wide line of sight.

Supply Planning use cases


The core issue of inventory optimization is knowing where to store inventory along the supply chain to lower prices and increase efficiency. Anaplan’s hyperscale computing drives that strategy with synchronized insight. Bring all variables into the equation, including service levels, lead time, changes in demand, customer commitments, and supply reliability. Know exactly how much inventory is needed at each location to meet your customers’ service levels.

We’ve removed approximately four to six days of inventory from our supply chain.
Wade Latham, Senior Director of Operations, Carter’s

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