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Gartner calls it xP&A. We call it Connected Planning. Unlock the future of Finance.

Global volatility is at an all-time high. Plans can be out of date as soon as they are complete. In this constantly changing landscape, Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) teams need to be able to quickly adapt and forecast multiple scenarios on a rolling basis with flexibility and ease. This can’t be done in a vacuum. The Corporate FP&A function needs to be in sync with planning across your business in real time so you can develop plans and forecasts that reflect the reality of today’s challenges. Learn how Anaplan hyperscale computing for Corporate FP&A connects signals, plans, and resiliency across your organization.

Empower Finance with the pulse of your enterprise

Technology has propelled nearly every facet of business, but Corporate FP&A teams are often left behind. Legacy FP&A software providers offer template solutions that require in-house scripting knowledge or third-party contractors to update. But when the world is transforming and your enterprise needs to adapt, you need the tools to pivot quickly and efficiently. Anaplan was made to harness constant change to your advantage. Anaplan puts Corporate FP&A teams in control with user-friendly, enterprise formulas to create models that scale and evolve with your business. Streamlined management capabilities mean financial analysts are no longer delegated to simply reacting, they can act with accountability and ownership.

Planning is no longer the sole provision of finance. It now involves people, plans and signals from across your organization. Point solutions and legacy EPM providers promote strategies that require complex integrations and so often result in the siloed “messy middle.” Finance needs to keep a pulse on Sales, Marketing, HR and Supply Chain and understand the financial impact of any change to their plans as they occur, in real time. Anaplan empowers your FP&A teams to become the command center of your organization. Make informed decisions that will ensure financial resiliency. Leverage Anaplan to set the financial framework for operations, promoting autonomy while maintaining profit margins and meeting corporate goals.

Shape the future of your organization by creating strategic initiatives linked to top-line growth, investment and macroeconomic events. Analyze the impact of alternative evolving scenarios on funding requirements and performance KPIs. Track scalable initiative outcomes as signals automatically loaded into Anaplan to gauge performance on an annual, monthly, weekly or daily basis.

More and more of an FP&A analyst’s time is spent aggregating and massaging signals instead of analyzing them. Legacy solutions don’t provide a streamlined method for centralizing and standardizing signals crucial to planning. So often, the FP&A analyst role has been delegated to managing mapping tables to structure signals, and creating and re-creating siloed reports. The Anaplan platform enables teams to automate the flow of signals with line of sight from across source systems and create a standardized source of truth in easily shared scenarios. Analysts can dedicate their analysis to driving ideal financial outcomes and pivoting with agility and resilience.

Tell the story behind the numbers with visually engaging dashboards and board-ready reports to quickly align on the facts and take action. Collaborate with multiple contributors and dynamically link data to confidently share with various stakeholders on the platform or through our powerful connectors with Workiva, Power BI, Micrsoft Office and Tableau.

Once one component of the model is updated in Anaplan, everything else is immediately updated accordingly.
Chiara Guglielmetti, FP&A Manager,

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