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Transform planning, budgeting, and forecasting

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Steer business performance by connecting
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As organizations steer business performance through increasing volatility and uncertainty, one thing is certain: FP&A teams can’t afford to be trapped in lengthy planning cycles or lose valuable time collecting, validating, and consolidating data and spreadsheets.

Don’t let slow, error-prone, and disconnected planning, budgeting, and forecasting (PB&F) processes be a drag on business performance. Adapt to changing business conditions with best-of-breed PB&F technology that helps you plan to the rhythm of your business, rather than suffering inflexible legacy solutions that constrain you to the limits of a tool.

With Anaplan Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting software (PB&F) looks different—because it is different. Its cloud-native platform enables you to automate and structure manual, spreadsheet processes to create timely and reliable plans, analyses, and reports. With Connected Planning software, finance can put time back on the clock—providing decision-makers with stronger, prompt, and reliable insight.

Fast, flexible modeling and enterprise readiness for finance


Cloud in-memory, calculation engine and multidimensional modeling architecture

Self-service modeling:

Business syntax modeling allows the everyday financial analyst to create, revise, and maintain models without need for extensive IT support

Data Hub:

Centrally manage data, metadata, dimensions, and business logic in one place across all of your models

World-class security:

Anaplan’s cloud platform is a modern, secure architecture designed to satisfy the mutual needs of business users and the IT department

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Be a catalyst for change in your organization

Download the buyer’s kit

Be a catalyst for change in your organization

Download the buyer’s kit

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Budgeting and forecasting: insight meets foresight

Uncover best practices

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How to successfully implement rolling forecasts

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Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
Software Use Cases

Corporate budgeting

Increase speed and staff leverage by automating and structuring manual, spreadsheet, and legacy IT processes. Automate data interfaces, update budget models quickly, centrally manage versions, leverage workflow to automate reviews and submittals, perform “what-if” analysis, and create management reports quickly.

With flexible, business self-service modeling and real-time calculations across deep hierarchies and multiple dimensions, the Anaplan cloud platform streamlines complex budgeting involving hundreds of cost centers.

  • Plan the way you want with no need to conform to a rigid application
  • Model and perform complex allocations to more accurately model your business
  • Go beyond cost center budgeting to driver-based planning
  • As your business changes across products, markets, and the organization, you can adjust your models quickly and easily to reflect the latest conditions
  • Perform dynamic “what-if” analysis to evaluate the impact of alternative resource allocations
  • Create online management reports quickly and easily

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Financial Forecasting

With the Anaplan platform, you can anticipate performance gaps between forecasts, targets, and actuals, analyze root causes by slicing and dicing multidimensional data to spot trends, assess the impact of alternative courses of action, and enable effective decision-making.

With flexible, business self-service modeling and real-time calculations across deep hierarchies and multiple dimensions, the Anaplan cloud platform makes forecasting a dynamic, reliable performance management process.

  • Enable driver-based rolling forecasts to improve reliability and accountability
  • Create timely, reliable baseline forecasts by applying statistical algorithms to both historical data and external datasets
  • Perform “what-if” analysis on the fly
  • Set forecast totals and have your model automatically spread values across range of time periods and line items
  • Model and synchronize across different forecast frequencies, levels of detail, and time horizons
  • Easily connect operational causes with financial effects by linking operational and financial forecast models

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Strategic Planning

Shape the future by translating strategies into corporate objectives linked to growth initiatives, investment strategies, and market events. Analyze the impact of alternative scenarios on funding requirements and business outcomes. Optimize business models, product lines, and operational capabilities with ease and confidently execute your business strategy in today’s dynamic business environment.

With the Anaplan platform, you own strategic planning and drive stronger collaboration with the business, all without relying on IT. Apply best practices to evaluate market opportunities, and let advanced analytics turn risk and uncertainty into clear, confident strategies.

  • Provide real-time answers about the implications of a new growth initiative or funding strategy
  • Leverage your existing CapEx, OpEx and M&A models and data on a common platform to incorporate the business impact into strategic plans
  • Easily analyze the impact of risk factors such as input commodity prices, FX and interest rates on income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow.
  • Manage plans with collaboration and workflow to deliver more timely, reliable long-range forecasts

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Revenue Planning

  • Detailed revenue planning by product, customer or channel
  • Tackle a range of revenue models from subscription, to run-rate, opportunity, and project-based
  • Leverage sales forecasts and operational models to drive revenue
  • Quickly get the answer to, “what if?”
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Operating Expense (OPEX) Planning

  • Delineate and assign fixed and variable costs
  • Perform complex allocations across multiple dimensions
  • Model operational cost drivers
  • Understand which costs are directly contributing to the top line
  • Accurately report workforce, lease, and marketing spending

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Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Planning

  • Automate the justification and approval process
  • Model project structures, time frames, resources, funding requirements, and expected benefits
  • Quickly assess the impact on P/L, balance sheet and cash flow projections
  • Make more reliable capital investment decisions

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Cash Flow Management

  • Anaplan provides a fully integrated approach to forecasting accounts receivable and accounts payable balances.
  • Unwind your accounts receivable and accounts payable balances, manage your workflow, and understand how specific actions improve your working capital and impact your cash flow.
  • Closely link operational planning with cash management across demand forecasting, inventory planning, and supply planning.
  • Easily amend the assumptions (business rules) that underpin your cash flow forecast to produce different scenarios – and get results back immediately.

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Financial Consolidation

  • Streamline consolidation elements – inter-company reconciliation, multi-currency, consolidated financial reporting, eliminations, consolidations, journal methods – with one system.
  • Be confident in your financial consolidation results, thanks to comprehensive functionalities across consolidation controls, workflows, audit trails, and security
  • Increase the speed and precision of closing monthly, quarterly, and annual accounts while complying with IFRS accounting standards.
  • Empower management with a forward-looking plan, with connections across budget, forecast, consolidation, M&A simulations, and currency evolutions on consolidated results.

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Corporate Planning

  • Allow the finance organization to plan at the right level of detail all in one platform. Provide the ability to perform “what if” analysis on-the-fly to identify the optimal path forward in real-time.
  • Streamline the data sourcing and aggregation process, ensuring greater forecast accuracy by reducing the variance of actuals to budget.
  • Connect data across the organization so that the financial forecast is a holistic view.
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“Understanding the impact of scenarios on our business performance is a critical component of long-term success.”

- Eleanor Thornhill,
Head of Online Financial Strategy and Performance, Satsuma

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“Anaplan is really one vision of the truth. You can look at it from all angles.”

- Alyson Lougheed,
Manager of Sales Compensation, TELUS

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“We don’t like constraints—if we see a better way to do something, we want to be able to change it. That’s one of the reasons why the flexibility of the Anaplan platform stuck out for us.”

- Chiara Guglielmetti,
FP&A Manager,

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