Anaplan for Supplier Collaboration

Enable supply chain collaboration across sourcing and procurement work streams to optimize decision-making and value creation throughout your supplier ecosystem

Using Anaplan’s cloud-native supplier collaboration software, introduce structure, speed, and consistency into your collaboration processes.




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Anaplan allows collaboration between customers and suppliers to exchange updates to pricing, inventory, capacity, lead time, quality, and risk in real-time . Teams can prepare for negotiations rapidly, set future category plans, and determine vendor contract allocations.


Why Anaplan Supplier Collaboration software?


Enable real-time supply chain collaboration with stakeholders and suppliers

Retire legacy systems and processes that don’t allow for real time exchanges between your company and any supplier. Allow teams to share real-time objective data between their internal or external partners a expedite time to value.

Break away from email-based data sharing

With zero-latency dashboards, your company can share procurement data across internal and external partners and suppliers to improve visibility to cost savings opportunities and accelerate planning decisions.

Platform Example

Platform Example

Collaborate on spend and savings goals

Provide a single-source of truth for cross-functional teams on supplier data including pricing, inventory, capacity, delivery, quality, and risk information to refine category plans.

Generate “what-if” modeling and analysis

Determine the probability of increased savings for various sourcing alternatives. Assess the hard dollar impact on sourcing decisions before they are made. Understand risks and prioritize the exchange of data that is vital for supply chain optimization.