Capital markets

Thrive in volatility and maximize returns.

Turn uncertainty into opportunity. Navigate market shifts with confidence.

Whether you're in wealth, asset or investment management, capital markets leaders face a myriad of challenges, including shrinking margins, increasing regulations, and market volatility. Minimize risk and maximize returns by using a connected planning platform to plan for multiple scenarios in real-time to better understand your operations, portfolio, workforce, and sales performance.

Tap into data that drives business performance

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Legacy solutions weren’t made for the tumultuous events of the last 3-5 years. Connect data across your business to gain insights quickly, conduct dynamic scenario modeling for asset/fund management portfolios and deliver real-time AUM roll-forward forecasting. Time to market is critical and you need a robust planning tool that works at the speed of your business.

Create a connected revenue strategy

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Adjust go-to-market strategies, build incentive compensation plans to motivate financial advisors and sellers and design territory plans that capitalize on market opportunity. With greater visibility into performance and a comprehensive view of the commercial drivers across the enterprise, you can ensure your connected revenue strategy is linked to profitability. 

Build an intelligent talent strategy

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Skilled talent shortages, rising costs and the changing client expectations stretching your team’s responsibilities aren’t going away. Address challenges by designing a dynamic and continuous HR and workforce planning strategy that’s an extension of your strategic, operational, and financial plans.

Connect your business for better, faster decision-making

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Unify your strategic, financial, and operational planning

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Sales and Marketing

Align your revenue strategy with sales and marketing execution

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Optimize your workforce readiness to drive better outcomes

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"Previously we were limited to 20 different scenarios per spreadsheet, but with Anaplan we can look at over 25,000 scenarios in combination."

Senior Financial Associate, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP)

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