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An event to remember, and examples to learn from


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Re-live Anaplan Live! 2022 through recorded sessions available on-demand. Hear expert advice, inspirational stories, and exciting opportunities to transform your business.

One of the most nerve-wracking things any of us encounter in life is going first. As a child – the first to read out loud in class, the first to jump off a diving board, the first to give up your stuffed animals – being first always added an extra bit of apprehension. That continues into your professional life – being the first to point out how a long-held process could be improved, the first to push for greater diversity on your team, or the first to advocate for a new technology investment – it can all be anxiety-inducing. So much so, in fact, that sometimes good ideas and positive changes never gain a voice or turn into action.

The good news is, as Anaplan Live 2022! pointed out, you don’t have to be the first. From digital transformation to managing change to driving application adoption, other people are already doing today what you’re on the precipice of doing tomorrow. Better yet, Anaplan Live! brought together community of people who are willing and excited to share their experiences, provide concrete advice, and point out the areas that tripped them up so that you can avoid making the same mistakes in your journey toward being a more connected business.

Being at the show was revelatory for many – they saw how their aspirations could be attained and how they could articulate the benefits of connected planning within their own organizations to drive adoption and executive buy-in. For others, it was a chance to discover how to take their Anaplan usage to the next level – whether that meant creating a Center of Excellence within their organizations or extending Anaplan’s reach to include sales, finance and supply chain management.

The keynotes delivered many of these examples, and many more were presented in the breakout sessions. Until now, the value of all these lessons was confined to the people who attended the event in person… But not anymore!

If you weren’t among the nearly 1,000 people who attended Anaplan Live! 2022 – or if you were and want to revisit the experience – our presenters’ insights, executive keynotes, and the inspiration shared by our customer speakers are now all available to you on our Anaplan Live! Highlights page. You can now access content from our event and filter by relevance to your company or industry. Whether you’re focused on sales and marketing, finance and workforce, supply chain, or the platform itself, you can access the entirety of our sessions. In person, you could attend as many sessions as your schedule would allow, but on-demand you can see every session in every track, and you can do it at your own pace. It’s a terrific way to re-live Anaplan Live! 2022 and bring new light to your connected planning goals for the future.


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