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Following on from the appointments of a CFO and CRO with experience building multi-billion dollar companies, Anaplan has initiated a search for a new CEO. Having delivered another first quarter record in bookings, the board has thanked Frederic Laluyaux for his success in building a great company that continues to grow at tremendous pace. We look forward with confidence to the next phase of Anaplan’s growth. During the search process, CFO James Budge and CRO Paul Melchiorre will lead the company with the support of Chairman Bob Calderoni.

Bob Calderoni, Chairman of Anaplan, said: “Fred has done a fantastic job establishing Anaplan as the leader in enterprise planning. We thank him for his considerable efforts and wish him the very best in his future endeavors.”

Fred Laluyaux said: “I’m proud to have led Anaplan’s growth story and the reinvention of enterprise planning and modeling. The company is in a great place to move to the next level with such a talented and passionate team.”