Anaplan in Mary Meeker Trends 2015 Report


The platform for orchestrating performance.

How we use data today is different from how we used it even five years ago, with more businesses incorporating data to make more informed decisions. And five years from now, it’s likely we will look back and wonder how companies made decisions today, particularly when it comes to business planning processes.

As Mary Meeker, partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, highlighted in her annual Internet Trends 2015 report and presentation, numerous companies now offer products that are changing or have changed the way we do business. With the advent of the cloud and more powerful computing power, enterprise business processes are being re-imagined, one segment at time. Anaplan, which was featured in Meeker’s presentation, is an example of a company transforming the enterprise business landscape by replacing spreadsheets with a cloud-based platform that streamlines and speeds up business planning processes.

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