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Anaplan Learning Center: an Enablement Revolution

Sarah Green Toews

Head of Community & Content

My name is Sarah, and I’m a disrupter.

I also lead Anaplan Enablement (learning).

Disruptive. Learning. How does that work – how can you be disruptive and promote learning at the same time?


When you think about it, all learning is disruptive. Learning, when done right, means at the end, the learner walks away confident in their ability to do something differently. Learning disrupts your behavior.

You’ve attended corporate training. Think of the very best you’ve attended. How disruptive was it? What do you still do differently because of that class? Come to think of it, how much do you remember from it?

Whether it was two weeks or two decades ago, research shows that you probably retained … 8%, maybe 20% of content presented in a class.


The disrupter in me shakes her head. I’m trying to help my customers revolutionize the way they do business here. We can do better.

And in fact, we might have to. Millenials are flooding into the workforce, and they bring expectations we haven’t tackled before: learning needs to be instant, compelling, there when they need it. Enablement needs to be action-oriented: millenials know how to look up theory and backstory (think Wikipedia). When the new workforce needs to get something done, we need to start thinking more YouTube, and less sophomore algebra, friends.

You’re reading this post, so you’re probably a disruptor too – whether you’ve joined me in building Anaplan models for your own pursuits, or you’re building them for a client, or are considering if Anaplan is a fit for you. Regardless, disruptors: rejoice! This week, we launched Anaplan Learning Center, our first step in creating a remarkable enablement experience.

Anaplan Learning Center represents the next generation of enablement. We’ve started with the launch of Fundamentals On-Demand. Every Official Anaplanner (yours truly included) completes Fundamentals; and starting with the spring release, you can register and enroll in Fundamentals On-Demand via Learning Center. Work through the entire course at your own pace, courtesy of short, pointed videos that cover new topics, demonstrate key skills, and practice step by step as you build a sample model in your own workspace. You can test your knowledge at the end of each learning chapter, which prepares to you ace the final exam, giving you Official Anaplanner status. And because those millenials are on to something, you’ll retain more of what you learned, too (using the videos as reference points can’t hurt, either). Oh, and in case budget is a concern? On-demand courses come at no additional cost.

Fundamentals aside, Learning Center houses all the goodies; release feature training, fee-based instructor led classes, along with resources we’re just starting to imagine, will be served up over the next several months.

If you’re already an Anaplan admin, you can log in and get started as soon as you want – dig up that formula trick you’ve forgotten, show a colleague how easy it is to Anaplan, find all the features the spring release has to offer.

I’m an Anaplanner, a disrupter, and a learner –like you. We’ve got big plans, and you’ve got killer ideas too. If enablement is keeping you up at night, get in touch. Let’s figure out how we shake things up, get you what you need to get stuff done, and start a quiet (but powerful) analytics revolution.