Anaplan versus Hyperion, TM1, Cognos Planning.

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Recent feedback from Anaplan’s independent consultant network of TM1, Hyperion, and Cognos Planning experts has made some very interesting discoveries on the Anaplan Platform:

  1. A complex contact-center reporting applications for 100’s of sales reps was rebuilt in Anaplan and available for operational commissioning in 8 hours.
  2. A massive 150-million cell retail planning model that took months to build was reproduced in Anaplan in 7 days – a bit slower than normal because the model builder was learning to use Anaplan for the first time.
  3. A global quota planning application for 1,000’s of sales reps took 5 days to build in Anaplan. The alternative was quoted at 2-3 months of consulting!
  4. The TM1 “training” fish cake manufacturing model was produced in 45 minutes on Anaplan. Fish Cakes produces multiple products, purchases raw inventories from different markets and calculates inventory on hand and turnover with a FX component.

Contrast Anaplan with traditional on-premise solutions. The TM1s, Hyperions, and Cognos Plannings of the world take 3-4 days to install on a dedicated server before anything else happens. Then the LENGTHY process of gathering the data, building the reports, conducting the analytics, and modeling the future outcomes commences. But this data remains siloed, with limited access beyond the data’s immediate consumers.

With Anaplan users can start immediately by loading their data into the Landing Zone in minutes (not days). From there users take immediate advantage of Anaplan’s rich analytic functions and unique architecture to build reports, collaborate with others, and model scenarios many times faster than they could in competing systems. And all this data is available in one place, accessible by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Anaplan lets you build a community of users for analytics and collaboration; competing systems build data prisons managed by your IT dept. If you are evaluating a Cognos, Hyperion or SAP toolkit, consider prototyping your application on Anaplan in 2-3 days for a comprehensive evaluation by all your users – without having to buy any software or hardware.

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