Anaplan Winter ’14 Platform Release is Here … and it’s Awesome!



The platform for orchestrating performance.

We’re really exited about the latest release of the Anaplan platform, which brings consumer-grade navigation to enterprise planning and puts more control into the hands of end users. Lucky for us, our friends in the media and our customers are pretty excited, too!

This is the most significant update to the platform to date, so naturally, there’s a lot of information to digest.

To help, we produced the above walkthrough video that gives a great snapshot of the enhancements.

Our Chief Technical Officer, Michael Gould explained how this release of Anaplan brings us a step closer to enabling business users/citizen developers to build applications that are truly relevant to their needs: Anaplan Winter 2014 Release: For Business Users, By Business Users.

In his post, Anaplan Winter 2014 Release is Almost Here, our VP of Product Management, Guillaume Arnaud highlighted three of the enhancements that he is particularly excited about: our beautiful new Tiles interface, Role-based Navigation and Intelligent Mapping.

IT Unmasked Blogger Mike Vizard wrote: “One of the more interesting aspects of any software-as-a-service (SaaS) application is that sometimes it allows organizations to cut directly to the chase. Case in point is Anaplan, a provider of a business planning and modeling application that runs in-memory.

“Rather than waiting for IT organizations to provide similar capabilities on an in-memory computing platform tomorrow, Anaplan CEO Fred Laluyaux says that it’s more efficient to rely on providers of SaaS applications that today can provide the benefits of next-generation in-memory computing to end users via a cloud application.”

Read the entire story, here: Anaplan Upgrades In-Memory Business Planning SaaS Application.

The enthusiasm for the Winter ’14 Anaplan Platform Release has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to hearing additional feedback as end users log in and take the new platform for a spin!

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