You Asked, We Answered: Opening and Closing Inventory

By Jill King

December 11, 2013

In our series “You Asked, We Answered” we address questions that pop up often on our Community page.Question: What is the best way to open and/or close inventory within Anaplan?Answer:It's easy! Just reference the table below and you are good to go: 
Line itemFormula
Initial Value(Input Value)
Opening InventoryPREVIOUS(Closing Inventory) + Initial Value
Input(Input Value)
Output(Input Value)
Closing InventoryOpening Inventory + Input - Output

Jill King

Jill King, President and CEO at Twelve Consulting Group Jill has 9+ years leading Accounting and Finance initiatives within large enterprises including United Health Group, CarVal Investors and UBS Global Asset Management. Jill is an expert in building automated and efficient financial models across a broad set of use cases.

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