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Culture series: Living up to core values at Anaplan

Christy Nichols

Customer Success

Will Clough is a Senior Solutions Consultant in our San Francisco office. He joined Anaplan in June 2014 and has been happily supporting Anaplan’s North American Sales and Marketing teams ever since.

I recently sat down with Will to hear his thoughts on Anaplan’s core values and how he incorporates them into his day-to-day life.


Name: Will Clough

Job title: Sr. Solutions Consultant
Location: San Francisco, CA
Tenure: 1.5 years
About: Born and raised in Atlanta. Lived in France for a while. Plays the trumpet and was the drum major of the Wake Forest marching band.

Q: How do you and your team incorporate the core value of disruption into your work?

Will Clough: This happens naturally from the very nature of our product. Some of the solutions that we compete against are 20 years old or older. It’s great to lead with our best foot forward with a product that is fresh, exciting, and takes advantage of all of the new developments in cloud technology. Right off the bat, I feel that Anaplan has credibility due to this. Culturally and within our business model, our App Hub is disrupting the industry. No other enterprise planning tool has had an App Hub before, and that’s a big differentiator.

Q:How does Anaplan approach speed differently than other companies?

Will: We turn around Proof of Concepts really fast, and that’s always been another differentiator for us. As a company there is very little bureaucracy, which enables us to do what makes the most sense for the business very quickly.

Q: How are you accountable and how does your team stay accountable to one another?

Will: The Pre-Sales team has a domain specialization. This has been a new change at Anaplan within the last year, because we can’t all be experts in everything. Each Solutions Consultant has a primary and secondary domain that they are expected to be experts in and keep track of the developments that are made in those fields. This allows them to converse intelligently about the competition. Accountability comes into play in that as a team we have to rely on each other and trust each other to be experts in our respective areas.

Q: What does integrity mean to you, and how do we embrace it at Anaplan?

Will: Asking for help when you need it is critical. To me, integrity boils down to being honest and doing what is best for the customer and company. Asking for help or having someone walk you through a model is imperative and we have created a culture where that is encouraged and celebrated.

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