Deloitte reveals how to enable an insight-driven organization with Anaplan



The platform for orchestrating performance.

With more than 30 years of working in enterprise performance management (EPM) both in consulting and the software industry, Ron Dimon, Managing Director of Analytics and Information Management at Deloitte, is recognized as a master in his field. His experience and expertise are clearly demonstrated in his book Enterprise Performance Management Done Right (Wiley 2013). With so much knowledge and many insights to share, Ron was high on our interview list at our Hub16 event.

Enabling the insight-driven organization

Ron told us that the mission of his team at Deloitte is to see their clients build a more insight-driven organization by using the abundance of data available to make better, fact-based decisions in every part of their business. For many companies this is still a work in progress. Ron explained that while planning and forecasting have traditionally focused on finance, during the last five or six years there has been an increasing demand to merge these functions with the operational side of the business by integrating capacity, inventory, and workforce planning along with all of the other drivers impacting financial results. He explained that achieving this level of integration means connecting plans, budgets, forecasts, analytics, and modeling — and all the governance that goes with such an exercise.

Anaplan ensures speed to value

Ron discussed that delivering such an integrated approach to planning and budgeting can mean spending a lot of time implementing systems that take months, if not years, to commission. He explained that speed to value has always been one of his favorite topics and that he was amazed when he first discovered how quick and easy it is to construct a model or scenario precisely matching his clients’ business and dimensionality using Anaplan. Once rolled out, the planning processes that used to take his clients days or longer can be done in a few seconds, freeing up time for value-added activities such as figuring out what the data really means. For Ron, success is no longer measured only by whether the client project was on time and within budget, but whether his clients can make more informed decisions impacting both the top line — and the bottom line.

“Anaplan makes it a lot easier,” Ron told us. “You don’t have to go back to IT
and get in the queue for projects. You don’t have to implement software and add servers in your organization. The platform is ready for you to take advantage of it.”

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