Dr. Mae Jemison to keynote at Hub17


Adam Aragon

Senior Manager of Web Development

Dr. Mae Jemison doesn’t wait for things to happen—she makes them happen.

As a little girl in Chicago, she looked at the stars and knew she wanted to go into space. As an adult, she applied to the astronaut program and became the first woman of color in the world to go into space. In her work as a medical doctor, engineer, social scientist, dancer, and astronaut, she has challenged herself, defied stereotypes, and thought big. And, most importantly, she has acted.

That’s why Dr. Jemison is the perfect keynote speaker for Hub17. All of us seek inspiration and guidance as we confront volatility, disruption, and new challenges every day, in business and in life. Dr. Jemison has spent her entire life as a change agent, boldly confronting challenges and turning ideas into reality.

Dr. Jemison’s keynote is part of our general session, held on the morning of March 28 in San Francisco. That session is free to attend (pre-registration recommended).

Prior to NASA, Dr. Jemison was Area Peace Corps Medical Officer for Sierra Leone and Liberia for two and a half years, overseeing the healthcare system for the Peace Corps (and State Department in Sierra Leone). After a six-year career with NASA, Dr. Jemison is now a leading voice for science, social responsibility, and education. She leads 100 Year Starship®, a global initiative whose research is laying the foundation to assure the capability for human space travel to another star is possible within the next 100 years. She’s also no stranger to corporate life and the challenges that businesses face: She sits the boards of several Fortune 500 companies and founded two technology companies, in addition to founding and chairing the Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence, a 501(c) that trains teachers and creates STEM education experiences for youths. Wherever she goes—laboring in a field hospital or soaring in the cosmos—she makes an impact.

There’s another reason I’m thrilled that Dr. Jemison will be at Hub17: She has a powerful ability to connect big, important ideas. Consider this: When she spotted her home town from the space shuttle Endeavor in 1992, Dr. Jemison was struck by a profound revelation: Although she was almost 250 miles from the vast majority of humanity, she felt a “grand connection” with the entire universe. The importance of connection—between people, plans, and processes—is core to our work at Anaplan. In fact, it’s the theme of Hub17.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this amazing opportunity to see Dr. Jemison in person. Until then, enjoy this brief video in which she tells her story and talks about her “grand connection.” You’re sure to be inspired. Then come to San Francisco on March 28 and get that inspiration in person. You won’t regret it.