Guy Haddleton, CEO Anaplan interviewed by



The platform for orchestrating performance.

Guy was interviewed recently by Gary Simon, managing editor of the influential site on the reasons he is back in the Business Intelligence game after a 5 year hiatus from the industry.

Guy talked candidly to Gary about the lack of innovation in the industry and the technology breakthroughs powering the Anaplan platform;

“We wanted to do something radically different that would leverage multi-core processing, that would handle truly massive volumes, that utilized in-memory storage for near instantaneous response and could leverage a next generation calculation engine for changes in the moment.”

and the no-compromise attitude right from the start.

“Unlike conventional business start ups Haddleton and Gould had the luxury of time and were well funded.  “We wanted to get it right. This is the fifth time that Michael has built a planning product and he knows all the pitfalls.  We wanted to make sure that the architecture we adopted didn’t lock us in at a future date. And we didn’t have the pressure of venture capitalists breathing down our necks.  We didn’t have to make any compromises,” adds Haddleton.”

Read the full CEO interview on and look out for the Anaplan platform review on coming soon.