Hub 2013: Anaplan holds its first user conference in San Francisco

Anaplan will be holding its first annual user conference in San Francisco on May 22-23, 2013 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Anaplan will be holding its first annual user conference in San Francisco on May 22-23, 2013 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Led by Anaplan’s CEO Fred Laluyaux and co-founder Michael Gould, a pioneer of in-memory computing, the event brings together Anaplan customers and industry experts to discuss how social, technological, and market forces are converging to redefine the way organizations model and plan for the future.

Attendees will learn from several Anaplan customers around the world representing a broad range of industries including retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG), healthcare, media, and technology. Innovative and forward-thinking approaches to connecting finance, operations, and sales will be shared by a new generation of business leaders from Diageo, Pandora, McAfee, HealthTrust, Serena Software, Wind River, 2degrees, Cafepress and Air Asia Expedia.

“Hub is no ordinary tech conference – it is a collaborative and educational town-hall meeting where customers, partners, and independent experts will share how they are working together in new and powerful ways,” said Fred Laluyaux, CEO at Anaplan. “We’re especially pleased to have so many passionate customers across virtually every major industry participating and are eagerly looking forward to gaining new perspectives on Anaplan’s disruptive impact on business and technology.”

Hub attendees will also have the opportunity to hearJane Buckingham, Founder and CEO of Trendera, who will present a keynote on how business environments are changing with the rise of “Generation Y” in the workforce. The best-selling author will focus on how business technology is adapting to the changing requirements of its new users.

Additionally, Accenture Managing Director, Robert Bergstrom will speak about how to take a more dynamic approach to business planning in the midst of global economic volatility. An expert on “scenario-based” performance management, he will provide practical advice on the benefits of using “what if” analysis in the business decision-making process.

To learn more about Anaplan Hub 2013 sessions and speakers and to register for the event, visit

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