Hub 2014 in Stockholm September 22-23: Driving Success with Anaplan

Hub 2014 in Stockholm September 22-23: Driving Succes with Anaplan

Not your ordinary tech conference, the Hub 2014 World Tour helps you engage and share best practices with Anaplanners from around the world. Hear first-hand the most helpful tips on what you need to know to get started with and maximize Anaplan. This month, the Hub 2014 World Tour continues on to its next destination, Stockholm, on September 22 – 23.

The day will begin with an executive keynote and panel with McAfee, Salesforce, and Deloitte. Attendees will learn why young, fast-growing companies and established but fast-changing companies both face a relentless cycle of reinvention – literally changing the way they operate to win in the market. During the morning keynote and breakout sessions, attendees will hear from speakers to learn about enabling hyper-growth and hyper-change.

But how do you make that happen? 

Actions speak louder than words. You know the “why,” but we’re even more excited to arm you with the “how.”

As an attendee, you’ll engage with other Anaplanners, panelists, and executives by learning from and responding to a series of questions. With real-time solutions delivered by successful Anaplanners, these questions are designed to help you maximize Anaplan at any stage of your journey. Here is a preview of some of the questions you’ll engage with during the interactive afternoon:

–       How does the theme “Thriving in an Era of Hyper-Growth & Hyper-Change” fit to your organization?

–       What resources are available to help you get started?

–       What implementation methodology is available?

–       How long does it take to build an application?

–       What training is available for users?

–       What ROI can you expect or how do you measure that?

We encourage you to get the most out of this event. We’re looking forward to your feedback and hope you will probe the panelists for more information.

The Hub 2014 World Tour in Stockholm is right around the corner. Make sure to register so you can save your spot and gain the right tools to drive success with Anaplan.

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